A.Jensen Vector - Full Intermediate

Klasse: 5
Udsalgspris550,00 kr


The Vector line is a real rocket of a WF line. It is made for one goal only, and that is to make casting long lines as easy as possible - meaning a great line for coastal or still water fishing where casting distance is a factor.

The head is made for loading quickly, which will help any caster, especially the less experienced ones. We have made the running line extra thin for you to achieve extra long casts as easy as possible.

The taper also helps turning bigger flies easier, which is needed when streamers and lures needs to be delivered for hungry fish.

The Vector line Semi Clear, meaning it is a clear coating on a white braided core. In that way you get the best of two worlds: The line is not as visible (the clear coating) and the braided core assures it will not coil up with age, as normal mono cores do, and you will be able to make nice slim loops on it too!!

This model is Full intermediate, meaning the runningline is also intermediate.

All lines are equipped with premade slim welded loops in both ends.

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