D360° V2

Størrelse: 12g - 8 cm
Farve: UV Striped black
Udsalgspris69,00 kr


  • The D360 V2 is an updated version of the famous and fish-catching D360. The new version features a slimmer profile and a smoother surface compared to the original D360. These changes, together with moving the balance point further back, has increased casting distance and improved the action. During a steady retrieve the D360 v2 swims in an erratic side-to-side action. During spin stops the lure continues to rotate – these are features that even the trickiest sea trout cannot resist. Even in strong winds the D360 v2 can be cast long distances, but will still fish shallow.

    • Internal Teflon tube
    • Lead free construction
    • Material: Zinc
    • Erratic side-to-side action
    • Continues to rotate during spin stops
    • Long casting
    • Single hook
    • Inline concept helps you lose less fish!

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